Think Twice Before Hiring a Discount Broker

Thinking about hiring a discount brokerage to sell your home? While paying less can seem appealing, it often ends up costing you more. Our goal as a Team is to SELL the listings we take, not just list them. We put time, effort, and a big budget behind all of the homes that we list to ensure that your home is sold in the shortest amount of time possible for top dollar. Professional photography, marketing, and more are the standard for our Team.

We don’t get paid until we bring you an acceptable offer, so there really is nothing to lose…except time! We also set your expectations realistically and provide forecasts of the end result before you even agree to list with us. Call anytime for a free valuation of your home. In the end if you need a 10% price reduction to save 3% IT DOESN’T MAKE FINANCIAL SENSE. This is the cost of poor photography, limited motivation, discounting buyer agent pay, little to no marketing budget, no staff and in general this is the cost of hiring based on fees alone with no due diligence in the overall performance of the Realtor.

Check out more about our listing packages here! We’d love to help you sell your home. Call, text, or email us any time.